VivaTech's attendees will have access to the latest innovations that will transform their lives as they know it. For instance, they will be able to test out the latest AI developments on the Google, Microsoft and Facebook stands at VivaTech, experience VR with BNP Paribas’ holoportation system, live an olfactory experience on the LVMH lab, try out a delivery robot with La Poste, test a vocal personal assistant with Orange, discover a model of the US space station on HPE's stand and observe a model of a quantum computer on the IBM stand.


Discovery with EDF

EDF will sponsor the VivaTech Discovery Park, which will feature 40 startups showcasing today’s most innovative new technologies. Take a sneak peek at the finalists of the 2018 EDF Pulse Prize in each category of the competition: Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Health & Self, and Smart Business.

CABIN3D and its virtual changing rooms, Holusion and its pocket-sized holograms, Medicsen, which has developed artificial intelligence for people with diabetes, and solar balloons by ZephyrSolar, as well as JOE de Ludocare which helps children with asthma, the agricultural robots of NeoFarm, and UniExo’s exoskeletons will be among the dozens of drones, robots, self-driving vehicles, virtual reality experiences, 3D printers, and connected objects that VivaTech has chosen for this area. These inventions represent the future of MedTechs, sports, and art, and will allow us to get a better idea of the issues surrounding Industry 4.0 and the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and new modes of transportation.


The Robot Park

Also in collaboration with EDF, 10 of our favorite robots, selected by our teams located throughout the world, will be on display at VivaTech, appearing in France for the very first time for many, including Cybedroïd’s “Alice” (lien visuels: OK), a mobile, autonomous, semi-humanoid robot that can operate in a public setting, Unsupervised's Aida which covers the last few feet of a delivery or the robot created by “La Poste” to carry bulky packages for mail delivery workers during rounds.

Robots will also be the stars of the VivaTech Show, a spectacular display of innovation in all forms, combining performing arts and technological innovations to narrate a story - that of the encounter between humans, drones, and robots. Two of Madonna’s former dancers - Yaman Okur and Émilie Capel - will perform an act created especially for the event and incorporating visual effects, robots, and performance art.

This VivaTech Show act is 8 minutes long and will be held on Stage One.

Visitors can also watch the SumoBot Challenge, a “Mini-sumo” robot competition organized by VivaTech and Esieespace, during which teams of beginners and pros will have to create a small autonomous robot capable of pushing its opponent outside a circular playing field resembling a sumo wrestling ring. add visuel : KO

Don’t miss this event to be held at the end of the afternoon on Friday, May 26, in the Discovery Arena.  

The Robot Fight tournament is both a one-of-a-kind spectacle and a fun reason to learn more about robotics and the “maker” or “do-it-yourself” (DIY) movement. Eight teams (under the supervision of representatives from Technistub) will make their robots in the TechShop workshops in Station F, and face off against each other the following day in the Discovery Arena. Registration is open to all.   add visuel : KO

An exciting show planned for Saturday, May 26, at VivaTech!

To register

Robots can also dance... In association with Evotion, VivaTech will show off the mindblowing dance moves of small 40 cm humanoid robots. These test models travel in groups and dance in unison.

2-4 minute shows, 3 times per day in the Discovery Arena


Le VR Park by Alibaba

This 150m2 space, designed in partnership with ScanPyramids VR exclusively for virtual reality experiences, is perfect for those who wish to take a trip back in time to behold the Egyptian pyramids.

MK2 will present the mk2 VR Pod, the best turnkey virtual reality solution for professionals. Visitors will discover Chocolate, a musical, psychedelic and colorful experience by Tyler Hurd, and Life of Us, an adventure retracing the story of life, to live with two players. 


The Mobility Park

This is the site where the transportation possibilities of the future - as well as new, intelligent, and sustainable mobility solutions - are designed and tested. Visitors can also discover and try out all the latest self-driving car prototypes, as well as the Eva X01, a machine created by Electronic Visionary Aircraft (lien visuels: OK) to fly above cities, Navya’s “Autonom Cab” (lien visuels:OK), the market’s first mass-produced robotic taxi, Coup (lien visuels: OK) and its new connected scooter Ujet (+ lien visuels: OK), the electric scooter that combines advanced technology and elegance in a foldable, connected, and easy-to-charge package, or be one of the lucky first to glide over the Seine in the SeaBubbles.

And for dreamers and lovers of flying cars, find Airbus Pop.Up, the new concept of land and air vehicles.


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